Draft: Statement of practice

Category : Blog, MDP, Thesis
Date : September 25, 2014

To put things in perpective, I design for space (as in not earth), and I present my work in the medium of videos.

The realization of the fact that human activities in space is no longer science fiction brings up many interesting design questions. What would the waiting loundge of a space-port look like? Do we need visa to visit a space station? How about a lake house on the moon? By using established methords and processes from interaction design, industrial design, protocol design, etc., I want to make objects or design services under the context of space. Imagining a future where space exploration goes beyond the means of scentific research or national defense needs; problems and issues that we encounter every single day on earth will be present, in different forms, in space as well. By designing and constructing these artifects that we might encounter in the future, I am also creating a opptunieties for the discussion of these critical questions.

Using narratives to structure my argument has been very helpful in my previous projects. Presenting my work in a linear format allows me to construct a complete argument while the plot keeps everyone focused on the screen. A narrative structure is also very relevant when the subject has already been associated with the film industry for a long time. Although my focus is not to make feature films out of my design explorations, the balance between the amount of drama and the amount of logic will make the distinction between a hollywood block buster and a critical design project. 

In conclusion, my practice will be focused on using narrative structures to construct and present different future scenarios of the relationship between human and space.

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what kind of narrative? genre of film? what types of narratives? short video…

what is the designer’s position?