Statement of Practice

Category : Blog, MDP, Thesis
Date : February 11, 2015

I am interested in speculating the strange, jarring, extreme and sometimes quirky experiences that we may encounter while interacting with technologies. An designed object, or an experience, often comes with a set of expectations or some intended/suggested behaviors. Designers usually are not given the luxury to investigated the unintended outcome of the designed object. However, it is often the unintended usage, or the unexpected results that reveal how we are adapting, in the most humanly possible ways. My research are usually structured around the history, more specifically the progression and development of the subject matter. How does a piece of technology evolve as the political or cultural context change? What changes are we making to a piece of technology so that it will adapt to the current context? How do we affect, or being affected by the progression of this piece of technology?

The subject of emotion has alway been there at the center of my speculations. I am often more attracted to the emotional impact of the interaction rather than the goal/outcome of that interaction; therefore it is often helpful to use storytelling methods like film or live actions to engage the audience and ask the question, “how do you feel about this particular scenario?” In this case, the interaction that I am investigating usually becomes props. The props are “hidden”, they are only there to facilitate the narrative while the story itself takes on a more prominent role. Framing the design speculation within a narrative structure brings flexibility to the presentation. An calculated amount of drama is often included to help the audience understand the context while keeping them emotionally engaged.